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A new book by Michael Cribb

A photo essay of non-representational linguistic idealism by Michael Cribb. Fifty three sumptuous spreads in full colour narrated and interpreted through inspirational quotes. The book builds on Hannah Arendt’s lamentation that we live in a language, not with a language…. Continue Reading →

Slips of the Tongue

Some slips of the tongue (speech errors) for analysis. Latest ones on top.

Structure of an Interview

Sometimes asking questions in an interview is just not the right ‘structure’ if your interviewee does not want to answer them. Here we see Channel 4 news anchor Krishnan Guru-Murthy (KG) interviewing the Conservative MP Tobias Elwood (TE) who clearly… Continue Reading →

Face-threatening Act (example)

Here is an example of an FTA to help you understand the concept. It is a non political example.


I heard this comment on Radio 4 this afternoon on the PM show and though it was worthy to bring it to you.

Selected journal for Language Teachers and Applied Linguistics

Here are some journals that will be of interest to students on ELT and Applied Linguistic courses. As a student, the key to success is to engage with the academic literature so you should be reading these journal morning afternoon… Continue Reading →

Hampden Books announces:

Slips of the Tongue from the Linguistic Graveyard: One shit, two c*nts and a Brexit Breakfast! by Michael Cribb

Slip of the Tongue

A slip of the tongue from Keir Starmer (KS) at Prime Minister’s Questions.

A Cascade of Slips

A single speech error (slip of the tongue) often cascades into multiple errors within the space of a few words as Boris Johnson found out yesterday. This has to be one of the all-time great slips that linguists will be… Continue Reading →

Why do so many fall foul of the Hunt/cunt slip?

Many commentators and broadcasters have fallen foul of Jeremy Hunt’s name over the years. Some make light of the slip, some ignore it, others apologise profusely. Hunt himself has acknowledged the problems people have had with his surname over the… Continue Reading →

Quote of the times

Three words and 0.7 seconds: Not much time for a Minister

A lot was made on Twitter of Helen Watley’s appearance on Sky TV this morning. The claim by some distractors was that Whatley was saying that the government could blame scientists for mistakes made in the COVID-19 policy. Within ten… Continue Reading →

The dreaded c*nt slip strikes again

Poor Naga Munchetty was the latest presenter to fall to the dreaded ‘cunt’ slip of the tongue on the BBC Breakfast show this morning.

Can viruses read?

The quote below of Andrew Neil on the GMB show, said somewhat tongue-in-cheek, claims that a virus ‘can’t read’. Most people would agree with that I think. Andrew Neil01 well as you say02 the only reason for not making this… Continue Reading →

Quote of the times

New book by Michael Cribb

Ever thought there might be something missing from our understanding of the universe? Ever thought there may be some extra dimension curled up, hidden away right in front of us? What if language was that dimension, a fifth dimension in… Continue Reading →

What if the physical world had questions?

What if the physical world had questions? What if electrons and protons, and all the subatomic particles were able to ask questions about themselves and their existence. That would be a pretty scary thing. What if a bunch of electrons… Continue Reading →

Slip of the Tongue

An interesting slip of the tongue here by Kay Burley, Sky news presenter, which can almost be called an internal Spoonerism.

Using intonation to predict the end of turn

In spoken discourse, we can usually predict when our conversational partner is about to finish a turn by listening to their intonation. This is not always successful, however, as demonstrated by the following clip in which a TV host assumes… Continue Reading →

Quote of the times

Prezie Grammar Analysis

See a full grammatical analysis of a text using Prezie in a new way which allows for infinite zoom and scroll. 

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