Fighting for the floor can take on epic proportions at times with your interlocutor when you both want to get something out. In the following two examples, David Davis and John Humphrys almost end up rapping together as they negotiate the floor with each other!

Sample 1

I have indicated the discourse in stanza lines in these samples due to the close nature of the overlap between the two interlocutors. David Davis, Conservative MP, (DD) and  John Humphrys, (JH) Radio 4 presenter, were talking on the radio when they suddenly got involved in what can only be described as a ‘linguistic rap’ in stanzas 06 and 07 below. (Davis has a short solo rap as practice in 02!). Listen to the sample to appreciate the synchronicity of the rapping using the link below.

JH is the way to put it

DD: yah if if that th- er yes I have to say

DD: Ken was leading you up the garden path there
JH:                          ((laughs))

DD: to be frank
JH:       w-

DD: er   in he     in his    in    in      
JH:    well what he meant no  what  xx xx xx  

DD: in     in his    in his  in his traditional way
JH: well I  in a sense

DD: he was he was wrapping it up in er

External link to video clip

Sample 2

A few moments later the budding grime artists were at it again in stanzas 02 and 03 below.

DD:                                     and
JH: which is a very different animal indeed

DD:          and and it go-
JH: and what Ken Clarke was saying

DD: and it got          and it got
JH: is we wouldn’t be in the European Union

DD: and it got the

External link to video clip

BBC Radio 4, The Today programme, 11th April 2019 (about 8:19PM)