A slip of the tongue from Keir Starmer (KS) at Prime Minister’s Questions.

01 KS: the government is lurching
02 from crisis to crisis
►03 it still lacks even basic incompetence
04 this is what holding
05 it lacks competence
06 ((some laughter))
07 this prime minister lacks competence
08 this is what's holding Britain back
09 so my final question is this
10 when is this problem
11 with test trace and isolate
12 going to be fixed

13 The Speaker: prime minister

14 PM: er er mister speaker
15 I I think he was on the money
16 when he said that this government
17 lacked incompetence and
18 ((cheers and laughter))
19 er I if I if I can

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Starmer made the mistake in 03 when he meant to say the government ‘lacks competence’ but instead said ‘lacks incompetence’. Which of course suggest the government is competent.

The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, was quick to pick up on this in his reply saying he ‘was on the money’. Some cheers and laughter from the chamber indicate that the error has been noted there too.

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