Andrew Neil interviewed Jeremy Corbyn on BBC television tonight. Neil is a forensic interviewer who usually pins his interviewees down to exact words and syllables. But Corbyn is know for his own brand of stubbornness, and there was one wonderful moment when the two negotiated the terms of a question like children in the school yard fighting over whether to play tag or hide and seek.

The moment revolved around the issue of payment to the WASPI women, whom Labour has committed to compensating. The question was whether Corbyn should explain how they’ll pay or whythey should pay. The tussles begins in line 01 but the real magic starts in line 31. (You can listen by clicking on the audio link below).

External link to audio clip

01 AN: but I don’t see
02     I’ve got your er grey book here
03     the costings for it
04     I don’t see any sign of how you’re going to pay for that
05 JC: I’ve got a grey book here if want to xx
06 AN: no I’ve got yours that’s fine
07     wh- wh- where do you pay for it
08 JC: it’s (.) first of all lets deal with the issue
09 AN: no I’d ra- I know the issue
10     and I [understand the issue
11 JC:       [well you might
12     but I’m not sure all our viewers do
13 AN: but I’d like to know where you
14     let’s assume it’s a great issue
15     and you’re right
16     how do you pay for it
17 JC: it’s a moral case
18     those women
19 AN: how do you pay for it
20 JC: those women were short changed
21     (0.4) by government
22     short changed in two thousand and eleven
23     by the changes in the pension rate
24     I met a group=
25 AN: =I’m accepting that mister [Corbyn
26 JC:                            [well
27 AN: I’m asking you
28     it cost sixty [billion
29 JC:               [Andrew 
30     can I [explain

►31 AN:       [how do you pay for it
32 JC: (1.2) can I explain why
33 AN: no I’d like you to explain how you’ll pay for it=
34 JC: =let me explain why
35 AN: let- explain how you’ll pay for it
36     that’s my question
37 JC: let me explain why
38 AN: (0.8) explain how you’ll pay for it
39 JC: (0.4) we’ll pay for it because it has to be paid for=
40 AN: =but how
41 JC: it has to be paid for
42     it’s a moral debt
43 AN: how will you pay for it
44 JC: it’s a moral debt
45     that’s owed to those women
46 AN: will you [borrow
47 JC:          [often 
48     often between thirty and fifty thousand pounds
49     has been wrongly taken from them
50     [and so
51 AN: [I understand that’s your [case
52 JC:                           [and so
53 AN: that’s what I’m arguing with you about
54     I’m arguing how to say how will you find the money
55     now will you borrow for that
AN = Andrew Neil; JC = Jeremy Corbyn

The Andrew Neil Interview, BBC, 26th November 2019 (about 23 mins)