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Slips of the Tongue

Some slips of the tongue (speech errors) for analysis. Latest ones on top.

Hampden Books announces:

Slips of the Tongue from the Linguistic Graveyard: One shit, two c*nts and a Brexit Breakfast! by Michael Cribb

Slip of the Tongue

A slip of the tongue from Keir Starmer (KS) at Prime Minister’s Questions.

A Cascade of Slips

A single speech error (slip of the tongue) often cascades into multiple errors within the space of a few words as Boris Johnson found out yesterday. This has to be one of the all-time great slips that linguists will be… Continue Reading →

The dreaded c*nt slip strikes again

Poor Naga Munchetty was the latest presenter to fall to the dreaded ‘cunt’ slip of the tongue on the BBC Breakfast show this morning.

Slip of the Tongue

An interesting slip of the tongue here by Kay Burley, Sky news presenter, which can almost be called an internal Spoonerism.

Slip of the Tongue: Brexit

The dreaded Brexit slip strikes again!

Slip of the Tongue

A slip of the tongue.

Slip of the Tongue: Titsly Come Dancing

Speech errors don’t get much better when they appear in front of a live audience of millions on the BBC for the final of Strictly Come Dancing. This Freudian slips will go down as one of the classics.

Slips of the Tongue: Repair Procedures

Slips of the tongue (speech errors) nearly always include some repair whereby the speaker realises the mistake and then attempts to correct for their error.

Howzat! A hat trick of slips.

Slips of the tongue can be annoying for interviewers when they happen once. But when one error leads into another and then another, all in the space of a few words, it can be triply frustrating.

Slip of the Tongue: ‘exotic spresm’

Vince Cable should perhaps leave sexual innuendos to others after fluffing his lines at the Liberal Democrats’ conference on Tuesday. Cable had intended to say that hard-line Tories were locked in an ‘erotic spasm’ over Brexit, but instead the words… Continue Reading →

Slip of the Tongue (Sally Who?)

Sally Who? You don’t get a name like that unless you work for the BBC!

Slip of the Tongue

An interesting slip of the tongue by Theresa May at Prime Minister’s question time occurred on Wednesday and suggested that perhaps we had voted for rather more than we thought during the EU referendum in 2016!

Slips of the Tongue

Two slips of the tongue from the BBC.

Slips of the tongue

Two slips of the tongues here, courtesy of BBC presenters.

Slip of the tongue

Slips of the tongue can be useful for understanding the psycholinguistic processing of speech output. Here is an interesting slip that occurred with a news reader on the BBC.

The Unated Nations!

For a brief moment, the world thought that Donald Trump had renamed the United Nations when he called them the Unated Nations during his speech to the General Assembly. This slip of the tongue occurred due to ‘anticipation’ which is when… Continue Reading →

Ticking and Clicking

Slips of the tongue are a normal part of speech. It is very difficult for anyone to speak at length without stumbling over their words briefly. This is particularly true for television commentators as this Sky correspondent (Mark Stone) found… Continue Reading →

Brexit is bacon and eggs!

Andrew Davies seems to have infected others with his ‘Brexit is breakfast’ slip of the tongue. Here is Andrew Neil, the BBC presenter, producing a similar slip of the tongue on the Daily Politics programme while interviewing Gavin Barwell.

Slip of the tongue

A slip of the tongue from Jeremy Corbyn during PMQs.

Brexit means breakfast!

Slips of the tongue can be embarrassing for the speaker at the best of times but often provide light relief for the audience. So it was with the Welsh Conservative leader, Andrew Davies, who was speaking at the Conservative party… Continue Reading →

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