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The dreaded c*nt slip strikes again

Poor Naga Munchetty was the latest presenter to fall to the dreaded ‘cunt’ slip of the tongue on the BBC Breakfast show this morning.

Slip of the Tongue

A slip of the tongue.

Slip of the Tongue: Titsly Come Dancing

Speech errors don’t get much better when they appear in front of a live audience of millions on the BBC for the final of Strictly Come Dancing. This Freudian slips will go down as one of the classics.

Howzat! A hat trick of slips.

Slips of the tongue can be annoying for interviewers when they happen once. But when one error leads into another and then another, all in the space of a few words, it can be triply frustrating.

Slip of the Tongue: ‘exotic spresm’

Vince Cable should perhaps leave sexual innuendos to others after fluffing his lines at the Liberal Democrats’ conference on Tuesday. Cable had intended to say that hard-line Tories were locked in an ‘erotic spasm’ over Brexit, but instead the words… Continue Reading →

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