This page contains links for the book “Hesitation, Equivocation and Pausing: Unveiling the micro-world of political rhetoric and spin” by Michael Cribb which is available on Amazon

Links are arranged in chapter order.

1. Equivocation

Clip 1

BBC Newsnight, 16th June 2017

BBC iPlayer: 11m45s


2. Bollocks!

Clip 2

The Andrew Marr Show, BBC, 14th May 2017

Emily Thornberry By Rwendland (Own work) CC BY-SA 4.0

3. Conflictual question

Clip 3

YouTube link: @16m39s

Channel 4/Sky – “The Battle for Number 10”, 29th May 2017. YouTube @16m39s

Clark, HH. & Brennan, SE. (1991) Grounding in communication. In Lauren Resnick, Levine B., M. John, Stephanie Teasley & D. (eds.), Perspectives on Socially Shared Cognition. American Psychological Association. pp. 13–1991 (1991)

Jeremy Paxman by Duncan Hull CC BY 2.0

4. Abbott’s shaky abacus

Clip 4

LBC Radio, 2nd May 2017


5. The significance of hesitations

Clip 5

PMQS, House of Commons, 27th April 2017

Theresa May by Jim Mattis CC BY 2.0

6. 1.3 seconds is a long time

Clip 6

Channel 4 News, 27th March 2017

See also: Daily Express

7. Equivocation & hesitation

Clip 7

BBC Daily Politics, 8th March 2017, APPROX. 28 MINS

8. Dodging questions

dodging questions on a nuclear missile test

dodging questions on whether he would use whips in the Brexit vote

The Independent, 22nd January 2017

Clip 8 

The Independent, 22nd January 2017

The Independent, 22nd January 2017

Bavelas, J.B., Black, A., Chovil, N. & Mullett, J. (1990). Equivocal Communication. Newbury Park, Ca: Sage.

9. Down, down, down!

in a previous blog

Clip 9 (audio only)

Clip 10 

PMQs, 30th November 2016

Jeremy Corbyn by David Holt CC BY 2.0

10. Brexit is bacon and eggs!

‘Brexit is breakfast’ slip of the tongue

Clip 11

BBC Daily Politics, 2nd December 2016, approx. 25m15s

11. Gove: “It was a mistake”

In an earlier blog

Clip 12

Sky News, 27th October 2016 

Michael Gove by Chatham House CC BY 2.0

12. Oy you, spit out your gum and shut up!

Clip 13

House of Commons, 12th October 2016

Westminster by Herry Lawford CC BY 2.0

13. The semantics and pragmatics of ‘Brexit means Brexit’


I have said before

Clip 14

Clip 15

PMQs, House of Commons, 26th October 2016

Huffington Post 26/10/2016

14. Brexit means breakfast!

Clip 16

Huffington Post article on error

Andrew Davies by National Assembly for Wales CC BY 2.0

15. Strategies for holding the floor

Clip 17

Examples of this are here

Here are some examples

Here is an example

PMQs, House of Commons, 14th September 2016

Theresa May by Chatham House CC BY-ND 2.0

16. The power of the eyes


BBC News on YouTube (about 3:45)

BBC iPlayer ‘Andrew Marr show’ – 24th July 2016

17. Equivocation – the first penalty shoot-out of the season

A leaked document recently suggested that it is

BBC Daily Politics, 7th September 2016,

You can listen to the interview here

or on the BBC iPlayer.

David Gauke by Saeima CC BY-SA 2.0

18. Tetchiness from Corbyn

is sparring with Krishnan Guru-Murthy

Clip 18

Clip 19

19. Theresa May’s first outing – a touch of Thatcher perhaps?

gag which Jeremy Corbyn had used

Clip 20

Deacon, M. The Telegraph, 20th July 2016

tracking this slogan

Clip 21

Clip 22

PMQs, House of Commons, 20th July 2016

20. PMQs Watch: Humour at Cameron’s last PMQs

Clip 23

final PMQs from the beginning here (or on the BBC iPlayer)

PMQs, House of Commons, 13th July 2016

David Cameron by UK in Italy CC BY-ND 2.0

21. Five telling moments from David Cameron at PMQs

Listen to the turn here

Listen to the comment here

Listen to the comment here

Read about and listen to this blend here.

Read about and listen to this slip here

22. Quote of the week

Allott, N. (2010) Key Terms in Pragmatics. Bloomsbury. @45s

23. Damian Green’s odd hesitation pattern

Clip 24 

PM Programme, BBC RADIO 4, 11th July 2016

Damian Green by UK Home Office CC BY 2.0

24. The language of U-turns

BBC, Andrew Marr Show, 3rd July 2016. The transcript of Marr’s interview can be read here.

The interview can be watched here. (Slugger O’Toole)

25. Turn transition with the eyebrows

Clip 25


BBC, The Andrew Marr Show, 26th June 2016 (approx. 50m51s)

Hilary Benn by Chatham House CC BY 2.0

26. Slips of the tongue – “Child free tax care”

slip of the tongue by David Cameron

Clip 26

ITV, TV Debate, 9th June 2016

27. ↓ORder (.) ↓ORder

listen to the samples here

link to a poem

Listen to the samples here:

John Bercow by Michał Koziczyński CC BY-SA 3.0 PL

28. Slip squared!

Clip 27 

Clip 28

Clip 29 

Chris Hollins’ embarrassing slip of the tongue

 ‘revealing ah’, a specific type of reaction from chamber members

PMQs, House of Commons, 8th June 2016 

29. Grayling’s grilling

Hamilton, M. A., & Mineo, P. J. (1998). A framework for understanding equivocation. Journal of Language and Social Psychology, 17, 3-35.

Bavelas, J.B., Black, A., Chovil, N. & Mullett, J. (1990). Equivocal Communication. Newbury Park, CA: Sage.

Clip 30

BBC,Today Programme, 18th May 2015

30. PMQs Watch: Howls of laughter

PMQs, House of Commons, 11th May 2016 

31. PMQs Watch: Attack through defence

Clip 31

Clip 32

Clip 33

Clip 34 

PMQs, House of Commons, 4th May 2016

32. Affiliative and adversarial discourse

Clip 35 

Clip 36 

Clip 37 

Clip 38 

Clip 39 

PMQs, House of Commons, 23rd March 2016 

33. How to get thrown out of the House of Commons

Clip 40 

I have said before

fans in the USA for his language style

House of Commons, 11th April 2016

Dennis Skinner by Dun.can CC BY 2.0

34. Capturing accents and jokes

Clip 41 

House of Commons, 14th March 2016 

35. PMQs Watch: 35 seconds

Clip 42

PMQs, House of Commons, 24th February 2016 

36. George Galloway

Clip 43 (starts at 31:30)

BBC, Daily Politics, 22nd February 2016

Bull, P. (2003) The Microanalysis of Political Communication: Claptrap and ambiguity. Routledge: London.

George Galloway by KNLPhotos2010 CC BY-ND 2.0

37. PMQs Watch: The role of the audience

Clip 44

Clip 45 

Clip 46 

PMQs, House of Commons, 27th January 2016 

38. Wooooo, slow down Andy!

BBC, The Andrew Marr Show, 17th January 2016, (31m20s)

The Andrew Marr show by US Embassy London CC BY-ND 2.0

39. PMQs Watch: Chuntering from a sedentary position

Clip 47 

Clip 48 

Samuels Project

PMQs, House of Commons, 21st January 2016

40. The pain of giving season’s greetings in the House

Guardian translation

PMQs, House of Commons, 16th December 2015 

41. Applause for Benn

Clip 49 

House of Commons, 2nd December 2015 

42. John McDonnell and the little red book

Samuels Project 

Clip 50 

Clip 51

House of Commons, The Autumn Statement, 25th November 2015

43. PMQs Watch: Audience as participant

Clip 52 

Clip 53 

Clip 54 

Clip 55 

PMQs, House of Commons, 4th November 2015

44. PMQs Watch

Clip 56 

PMQs, House of Commons, 28th October 2015

45. PMQs Watch: The Corbyn stare

Corbyn’s crowdsourcing

have suggested before

Clip 57 

Clip 58 

Clip 59 

Clip 60 

PMQs, House of Commons, 14th October 2015

Jeremy Corbyn by David Holt CC BY 2.0

46. Hesitations

Clip 61 

Clip 62 

Clip 63 

47. PMQs Watch: Corbyn’s crowdsourcing

as I have argued in the past

Clip 64

Clip 65 

Clip 66 

Example of thatcher using the word ‘frit’ in 1983

Clip 67 

PMQs, House of Commons, 16th September 2015

48. Revealing ‘ah’ in PMQs

previous post

Clip 68 

Clip 69 

Clip 70 

49. Pausing and tone units

Clip 71 

post here

PMQs, House of Commons, 25th June 2014 

Du Bois, J. W., Cumming, S., Schuetze-Coburn, S. & Paolino, D. (1992), Discourse Transcription, Santa Barbara Papers in Linguistics, 4, Santa Barbara, CA, Department of Linguistics, University of California, Santa Barbara.

50. Tabloid journalism?

Clip 72 

Channel 4 News, 13th July 2015

51. PMQs Watch

previous post

Clip 73 

Clip 74 

Cutting off Chris Laws

Cutting off Neil Gray

Cutting off Dennis Skinner

Last week

Clip 75 

PMQs, House of Commons, 1st July 2015

52. PMQs Watch

Clip 76 

Clip 77 

Clip 78 

PMQs, House of Commons, 24th June 2015

BBC iPlayer