Fight for control of the floor can sometimes produce odd utterances out of the mouths of the interlocutors. Here is Boris Johnson and Nick Robinson spluttering syllables like bird wings flapping in the air as they fight for the turn in an interview on Radio 4 Today programme.

01 BJ: wants to get on
02     lo- lo- look at [what Mario-
03 NR:                 [xx xx xx
04 BJ: [look at what [look at what 
05 NR: [xx           [xx
06 BJ: [look at what Mario [Draghi
07 NR: [sorry              [Prime Minister
08     you're a you're a
09 BJ: [the EU the EU 
10 NR: [your a scholar

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The Today Programme, BBC Radio 4, 1st october 2019 (about 2hr19m, 8:19AM)