Module Summary

The aim of this module is to develop students’ awareness of the psycholinguistic processes of language storage, retrieval and processing. Students will learn the difference between the brain and the mind, and will become familiar with the processes and modules of the brain/mind that help us to store language, comprehend it and produce it under typical conditions. The module will also look at language disorders such as aphasia, stuttering and autism to see how language is produced in atypical circumstances. Finally, the module will look at how artificial intelligence in machines such as neural networks and video games simulates human linguistic behaviour and will consider to what extent this mimicry is realistic and convincing. The question of whether this linguistic behaviour in machines constitutes true intelligence will be considered.

The knowledge gained through the module will be useful for students wishing to go into education (e.g. teaching), the medical profession (e.g. nursing) or the field of artificial intelligence. It will also be useful for those considering careers in TEFL or speech & language therapy. Finally the module will also be useful for those wishing to understand their own language processing capabilities (or maybe that of a family member) and may provide inspiration for final-year dissertation topics.

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