A photo essay of non-representational linguistic idealism by Michael Cribb. Fifty three sumptuous spreads in full colour narrated and interpreted through inspirational quotes. The book builds on Hannah Arendt’s lamentation that we live in a language, not with a language. Language is the DNA of the mind and in language we experience our existence.

an experience makes its appearance only when it is being said and unless it is said it is, so to speak, non-existent

Hannah Arendt

It may seem strange to publish a book on language through a series of pictures but in many ways life is just that strangeness. We juxtapose the linguistic with the visual and interpret the visual through the linguistic. Life is a constant shift between the on-stage and off-stage performance which this book enacts. In some way the paradox is always with us even though we like to think we can see through it. In this book, I leave the paradox firmly in place for you to appreciate the beauty of the duality as it stands—it won’t always be there for you.

Michael Cribb

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