An interesting slip of the tongue here by Kay Burley, Sky news presenter, which can almost be called an internal Spoonerism.

The slip (speech error) takes place in line 03 where the target expression is ‘defeat the corna’ but this comes out as ‘derete the cuffle’. 

01 describing a moment of national emergency
02 and calling for a huge national effort
►03 to derete the cuffle
04 er the corona virus
05 you think I'd got used to saying that by now
06 our national correspondent Alex Rossi reports

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The slip is an word-internal phoneme exchange where the /f/ sound of ‘defeat’ has been exchanged with the /r/ sound of ‘corona’.

  • defeat the corona (target)
  •    /f   <——–> r/
  • derete the cuffle (actual)

Classification: phoneme exchange

Sky News, 24th March 2020