This page contains links for the book “Slips of the Tongue from the Linguistic Graveyard”

1. Brexit means breakfast. (Andrew Davies)
2. Bacon and eggs for Brexit. (Andrew Neil)
3. Many thanks Mr Brexit. (John Humphrys)
4. A promising swinger? (Chris Hollins)
5. My poleague. (Boris Johnson)
6. Ticking and clicking at Sky. (Mark Stone)
7. Titsly Come Dancing. (Bruno Tonioli)
8. My wife is Japanese, or is that Chinese? (Jeremy Hunt)
9. Howzat! A hat trick of slips. (Andrew Marr)
10. Exotic spresm. (Vince Cable)
11. Jeremy Cunt. (Victoria Derbyshire)
11b. Why do so many fall foul of the Hunt/cunt slip?
12. The dreaded cunt slip strikes again. (Naga Munchetty)
13. Are we leaving the UK or the EU? (Theresa May)
14. Borrowing from downstream. (Theresa May)              
15. Slip squared. (David Cameron)
16. Diagnostic Radiophrakers? (David Cameron)
17. Don’t forget your affixes! (Jeremy Corbyn)
18. Oh to be child free! (Andrea Leadsom)
19. Eyes down, look in!
20. European yonion. (Andrew Neil)
21. Joris Johnson. (Andrew Neil)
22. Sally Shit? (BBC Announcer)
23. Thatcher or May? (Evan Davies)
24. A very good interview. (Evan Davis)
25. Give me a huggle. (Interviewee)
26. Derete the cuffle. (Kay Burley)
27. Rigby is with me. (Adam Boulton)
28. Democrafic Groff. (Camilla Tominey)
29. When Larry met Gary. (Jon Snow)
30. Are we privatising or nationalising? (Dianne Abbott)
31. Amsterdam /Instagram. (Kirsty Wark)
32. Donald Tump. (news reader)
33. Donald Hump. (Joe Biden)
34. Just rumble on. (Donald Trump)
35. Goodbye Tuesday. (Justin Webb)
36. Turn the back the clock. (news reader)
37. Wage raises or raise wages? (Kevin Maguire)
38. A Cascade of Slips. (Boris Johnson)
39. Extras
40. A taxonomy of speech errors
41. Repair procedures
IPA list of symbols (consonants)
Vowels (monophthongs and diphthongs)

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