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Phenomenal and Access Consciousness

Realism and Idealism

Never having your cake and eating it

Imagine you have a craving for cake and someone tells you there is free cake next door. You rush out of your house to see a sign on the gate saying ‘cake’ and pointing to the neighbour’s house. You pull… Continue Reading →

The Linguistic Paradox

NLI (part 3)

NLI (part 2)

NLI (part 1)

Nonrepresentational Linguistic Idealism

A new book by Michael Cribb

A photo essay of non-representational linguistic idealism by Michael Cribb. Fifty three sumptuous spreads in full colour narrated and interpreted through inspirational quotes. The book builds on Hannah Arendt’s lamentation that we live in a language, not with a language…. Continue Reading →

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