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NLI (monograph)

My new monograph is available for free here. It looks at Nonrepresentational Linguistic Idealism (NLI).

Academic Freedom

A lot has been written in recent days about the notion of academic freedom particularly after the plight of Prof. Kathleen Stock who resigned from the University of Sussex following sustained harassment and bullying for her academic views. In this… Continue Reading →

Phenomenal and Access Consciousness

Realism and Idealism

Never having your cake and eating it

Imagine you have a craving for cake and someone tells you there is free cake next door. You rush out of your house to see a sign on the gate saying ‘cake’ and pointing to the neighbour’s house. You pull… Continue Reading →

The Linguistic Paradox

NLI (part 3)

NLI (part 2)

NLI (part 1)

Nonrepresentational Linguistic Idealism

A new book by Michael Cribb

A photo essay of non-representational linguistic idealism by Michael Cribb. Fifty three sumptuous spreads in full colour narrated and interpreted through inspirational quotes. The book builds on Hannah Arendt’s lamentation that we live in a language, not with a language…. Continue Reading →

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