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What colour is Brexit?

If Brexit were a colour, what colour would it be? Are you dreaming of a ‘white’ Brexit meaning we get everything we hoped for? Or is your Brexit ‘black’ meaning we get out of Europe as quickly as possible with… Continue Reading →

The semantics and pragmatics of ‘Brexit means Brexit’

We have been tracking the use of the slogan ‘Brexit means Brexit’ at neutralfooting. At Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs) on Wednesday we learnt a little more about its use though the Prime Minister who originally coined this soundbite.

Quote of the week

You know what some people call them? The nasty party.

Theresa May, 5th October 2016

Theresa May some years previous had used the term 'the nasty party' to refer to her own party (The Conservatives). Here she turns the 'gun' around and p...

Quote of the week:

Remain means remain

Angus Robertson, 20th July 2016

Remain means remain Angus Robertson, 20th July 2016

PMQs watch: Theresa May’s first outing – a touch of Thatcher perhaps?

Theresa May delivered her first Prime Minister’s questions in the House of Commons on Wednesday afternoon and came through the event relatively unscathed with a touch of “Thatcher” to her performance as some commentators noted. Her former boss, David Cameron, developed… Continue Reading →

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