A slip of the tongue.

The slip occurs in line 04 when Wark starts to utter the word ‘Instagram’ instead of ‘Amsterdam’. Wark recognises her error in 05 and corrects it in 06.

Kirsty Wark (Newsnight)
01 Amy Orben is a lecture for Oxford University
02 specializing in the effects of hu-
03 social media on human interaction (.)
04 she joins us from Insta-
05 er from Instagram (.)
06 from Amsterdam ((laughs))
07 thank you both very indeed for (joining us)

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This is classified as a word substitution speech error but there are interesting phonological similarities between the word which suggest why the slip might have been made. In IPA the two words can be written thus:

  • /æm.stə.dæm/
  • /ɪn.stə.ɡræm/

Both have three syllables with the stress on the first syllable. The middle syllable is the same and the final syllables rhyme.

Classification: Word substitution with phonological similarity

BBC Newsnight, 1st February 2019