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Slip of the Tongue

A slip of the tongue from Keir Starmer (KS) at Prime Minister’s Questions.

A Cascade of Slips

A single speech error (slip of the tongue) often cascades into multiple errors within the space of a few words as Boris Johnson found out yesterday. This has to be one of the all-time great slips that linguists will be… Continue Reading →

Slip of the Tongue

An interesting slip of the tongue here by Kay Burley, Sky news presenter, which can almost be called an internal Spoonerism.


Slips of the tongue can be embarrassing for anyone speaking in public, but when the slip occurs twice in quick succession, one has to ask whether the speaker subconsciously really wanted to say something different. David Cameron (DC) was outlining… Continue Reading →

Slip of the Tongue: Brexit

The dreaded Brexit slip strikes again!

Slips of the Tongue: Repair Procedures

Slips of the tongue (speech errors) nearly always include some repair whereby the speaker realises the mistake and then attempts to correct for their error.

Howzat! A hat trick of slips.

Slips of the tongue can be annoying for interviewers when they happen once. But when one error leads into another and then another, all in the space of a few words, it can be triply frustrating.

Slip of the Tongue (Sally Who?)

Sally Who? You don’t get a name like that unless you work for the BBC!

Slip of the Tongue

An interesting slip of the tongue by Theresa May at Prime Minister’s question time occurred on Wednesday and suggested that perhaps we had voted for rather more than we thought during the EU referendum in 2016!

Slips of the Tongue

Two slips of the tongue from the BBC.

Slip of the tongue

Slips of the tongue can be useful for understanding the psycholinguistic processing of speech output. Here is an interesting slip that occurred with a news reader on the BBC.

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