The Grammar family has been around for as long as this sentence has. The family is headed by Grandma Syntax and her younger sister, Minnie Morphology.

Grandma Syntax

Grandma Syntax has been around for many years. She can be quite strict with her family, always making sure they don’t break any any of her arcane rules. However, you can get great meaning if you follow Grandma Syntax’s ways and she’s always fun to play around with (oops, that is one of her rules broken!)


Minnie Morphology

Minie Morphology is Grandma Syntax’s younger sister. They are great friends and Minnie is always knitting morphemes together to make words for Grandma Syntax’s children.


The Clause Family

Grandma Syntax’s eldest child is Independent who has always been her own person. She left the family home a long time ago and made her way in life on her own two feet. She recently married Dependent Clause and the two are now inseparable. (The Clauses are not related to that man who brings you presents at Christmas time.)


The Phrase Family

Grandma Syntax’s youngest child is Verb. She married Noun Phrase and the Phrase family now have three childen: Adjective, Adverb and Prepositional Phrase.


The Clause family sometimes look down on their close relatives the Phrase family. “They are lower in the hierarchy” you can often hear Independent Clause say, “and never really make much sense by themselves”. Although when the Clauses and the Phrases come together, with the Puncs, there is usually a happy party taking place.

The Puncs (orphans)

The Puncs (punctuation) are orphans that live on the street and in sentences. The Clause and the Phrase family don’t like these ‘street urchins’ but sometimes need to adopt them to make their sentences more organised.