Slips of the tongue can be annoying for interviewers when they happen once. But when one error leads into another and then another, all in the space of a few words, it can be triply frustrating.

Here Andrew Marr on his BBC One show was asking a question to Labour’s Tom Watson. In line 02, Marr makes the first slip when he says ‘Tor-’ (Tory) but quickly corrects this to ‘Conservative’. However he realises even this is wrong since he intended to say ‘Labour Party’.

Andrew Marr:
01 in the same spirit of that erm
02 Jeremy Corbyn told the Tor-
03 er the Conservative Party
04 tt((winces & slaps knee))
05 start again
06 Jeremy Torbyn told (.)
07 Corbyn told the labour party conference

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After the wincing and slapping of the knee in line 04 we then see phoneme preservation in line 05 when he says ‘Tobyn’ instead of ‘Corbyn’. The /t/ phoneme from the original error ‘Tor-‘ is preserved and placed on ‘Corbyn’. A hat trick of slips. Howzat!

Error 1

Actual expression: Tor-

Target expression: Conservative Party

Classification: Word substitution

Error 2

Actual expression: Conservative party

Target expression: Labour Party

Classification: Word substitution

Error 3

Actual expression: Torbyn

Target expression: Corbyn

Classification: Phoneme preservation

BBC, The Andrew Marr Show (about 22 mins)