Two slips of the tongues here, courtesy of BBC presenters.

Slip 1 (Evan Davis)

Slips is in line 08.

Evan Davis:
01 here with me er to discuss that
02 is the interna- er
03 that whole international reaction
04 is Nina Schink
05 she’s from the er
06 Rasman (.) Rasmussen Global Think Tank
07 joins us er from Brussels
08 a very good interview
09 er a ve- very good evening to you ((chuckles))
10 .hh erm (1.2)
11 Nina you heard what the security minister said there
12 he’s optimistic

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Slips 2 (Amol Rajan)

Slip is in line 14

Amol Rajan:
13 it’s time now for our daily quiz
14 Jeremy Cover (.)
15 Jeremy Corbyn is as we’ve just seen
16 on the cover of next month’s GQ magazine

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BBC Newsnight 14th March 2018, Evan Davis
BBC Daily Politics 1st December 2017, Amol Rajan