Two slips of the tongue from the BBC.

Evan Davies, BBC Newsnight (line 08)

01 well I’m joined now by Damian Green
02 Theresa May’s oldest political ally
03 former (.) first secretary of state in her government
04 and actually an (.) immigration minister (.) some time back
05 so maybe we’ll talk a little about Windrush (.) later
06 but I do want to get back to whole border issue (.) er Damian
07 erm (.) so the the British did say
08 that Margaret Thatch- erm tt (0.5) ((eyes roll))
09 Theresa May said
10 no physical infrastructure

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Classification: Word substitution

Andrew Neil, BBC Daily Politics (line 06)

01 let’s turn now I’m afraid (0.8)
02 to Brexit (0.7)
03 the Prime Minister has this morning announced plans
04 to publish a Brexit white paper setting out
05 her priorities for Britain’s (.) future relationship
06 with the european yonion
07 y- union
08 or even the onion (0.7)
09 could turn in to an ya- onion before these negotiations finish
10 anyway

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Classification: Word blend (Union+onion)



Classification of Speech Errors (Harley 2014)


BBC Newsnight, 15th May 2018
BBC Daily Politics, 16th May 2018


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