Prime Minister’s question time (PMQs) is known for lengthy questions and answers from Prime Ministers and backbenchers so it was interesting to observe a brief bit of brevity from the Prime Minister in two of her answers on Wednesday.

See lines 12 and 28:

01 DB: thank you (.) mister speaker
02     the prime minister has two groups of ministers
03     trying different scenarios
04     for a frictionless border with Ireland
05     we know the backstop alignment can only be ended
06     if another solution is found
07     isn’t it the truth
08     she doesn’t have a clue
09     how it might work
10      ((shouts of ‘here here’))
11         (2.6)
12 PM: ↓no
13      ((cheers))
14        (4.2)
15 SP: mister Philip Davies
16      (1.3)
17 PD: er thank you er
18     thank you mister speaker
19     can I er can I paraphrase our former colleague
20     the late great er Eric Forth
21     er Prime Minister I believe in the (.) free market
22     I believe in (.) individual freedom
23     individual responsibility
24     and I’m suspicious of the nanny state
25     am I still a Conservative
26      ((shouts))
27         (4.3)
28 PM: ↓yes
29     ((cheers))
30        (5.2)
31 SP: thank you
32     Sir Vincent cable

Prime Minister, Theresa May (PM); The Speaker (SP)
Deidre Brock (DB); Philip Davies (PD)

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Prime Minister’s Questions, The House of Commons, 23rd May 2018