Jeremy Corbyn got a little ‘tetchy’ in his interview with Jackie Long on Channel 4 news yesterday. Corbyn seems to have these moments when being interviewed on national TV particularly when he is running for a leadership contest. Here he is sparring with Krishnan Guru-Murthy in 2015 when he was first running for the Labour leadership.

Two CA transcripts are provided below to illustrate the nature of discourse and the negotiation of the floor by the participants – JC (Corbyn) and IN (Jackie Long):

Example (1)
IN: they want less immigration
JC: I would urge people to think (.) carefully
    about the numbers of people
    that work in our education system
    and our health service
IN: but you’re not [listening to (me)
JC:                [actually >wait a minute
    I am listening< (.)
    if you’d let me ↗finish

JC: I launched the Shami Chakrabarti inquiry
    into allegations of anti-Semitism
    and racism within the party=
IN: =and there are many questions
    about that today
    with talk that
    she [may (get)a labour peerage
JC:     [well can I finish ↗please (.)
   can I finish the ↗answer (.)
   she produced a very substantial

External link to clip 1

External link to clip 2

Note in both examples the overlap in turn indicated by the [ symbol. Corbyn wrestles back the floor from the interviewer with these overlaps. The rising intonation on some of his turns indicates his slightly angry tone of voice.


[  overlap

> < increased speed

(.) micropause

↗ rising intonation

Channel 4 News, 21st July 2016