No-no-no Chorus

A no-no-no chorus in the House of Commons is an echoing by Members of the chamber of the current speakers words in order to reinforce the points and create impact. An example of this was given in Prime Minister’s questions on Wednesday when the Prime Minister, Theresa May, was listing a set of items in response to Jeremy Corbyn’s questions.

No-no-no chorus

Each delivery of ‘no’ by the Prime Minister (PM) is said with stress and falling intonation. They are also accompanied by a sweeping hand gesture each time. Her backbenchers also join in by repeating the ‘no’ on cue with the PM.

PM: would he have been able to protect British citizens
    from the impact of the executive order (.)
         [no ((hand gesture))
Chamber: [no
PM: would he have been able to lay the foundations
    of a trade deal
         [no ((hand gesture))
Chamber: [no
PM: would he have got
    a one hundred percent commitment to NATO
         [no ((hand gesture))
Chamber: [no
TM: that’s what Labour has to offer this country

External link to clip

PMQs 1 Feb 2017

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